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Taxi Premier is comprised in the main, of fully qualified London taxi drivers. This means that when you book with us, your driver will have completed the world famous ‘Knowledge’ of London and will be used to negotiating the capital's roads. 
The majority of the taxis used for your special wedding day will be fully licensed owner driven London taxis, and will have legal access to around ninety percent of London's bus lanes, which is an important consideration when timings are crucial and traffic is bad. We know you need to get you there on time!

Once you decide to book your wedding taxi with us, we will allocate a taxi and driver to you. Of course if you order more than one, the same service will apply. We would stress that we never accept a deposit for a booking unless we know 
your taxi of choice is available.

We also believe that using owner driven wedding taxis gives our clients the best possible service, because put simply, when our drivers are allocated a booking, your wedding becomes 'their wedding' and because of the London taxi drivers’ reputation for high standards, you are assured of excellent service. 

All our drivers wear suits and your taxi will be fully valeted to arrive in pristine condition, together with flowers and ribbons, to compliment your special day

Of course in certain circumstances it may not be possible to provide a fully licensed taxi and driver, for example when booking a Vintage Taxi. In those cases we would always point out that your wedding taxi is not a current Transport for London licensed vehicle or that it is not driven by a licensed taxi driver, while still maintaining a high level of service.

At Wedding Taxi Premier we acknowledge that the highest of standards and total honesty are crucial to a successful wedding taxi service and we price accordingly, whilst also maintaining a competitive rate when compared with other wedding car companies. 
We believe that our service is second to none and since we started our wedding taxi service we have received only glowing praise and recommendations from our clients. Please see our Testimonial page. Above all, our aim is to take the stress out of your wedding, so once booked you can be confident that we will take care of everything.